20 Local Marketing Strategies

A staggering 85% of businesses owners rely upon word-of-mouth referrals, which shows how vital it is to connect with people in your area. Local marketing strategies differ from the methods and strategies you employ to market your business in general, because you'll need to locate, reach and connect with local residents specifically.

20 Local Marketing Strategies

What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing can be defined as strategies for marketing and tactics that focus on potential customers within an area of a business , typically , within 50 miles. Sometimes referred to as"location-based marketing" or neighborhood marketing, it could comprise traditional offline marketing as well as the use of online advertising that's targeted geographically. Today, most often, local marketing is a mix between both approaches.

A specific subset of local-area marketing is the local SEO marketing commonly called local SEO. Local search marketing is specifically referring to strategies to ensure that the business is found through search engine results on location pages , and online maps for prospective local customers.

Local businesses can receive all of their clients within of a few miles. You might have heard the expression "main street business" (or "high street business" in certain countries). This is a reference to the reality that smaller companies are dependent on foot traffic, or being located on major roads. Even if local businesses may have the success of online marketing but it is a matter of strict geographic concentration. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and money trying to draw people to your website from across the nation who have no likelihood of ever coming to your store or purchasing anything.

20 Local Marketing Strategies

Here are the top 20 local marketing strategies that can help you increase awareness, increase leads, and draw and retain local customers:

1. Join the community

It may seem simple, but being involved in the local community is vital for local marketing. Another plus is that community involvement isn't expensive. Examples of this include taking part in community-wide festivals, contests, and other seasonal occasions. Your business can also sponsor local events , such as high school drama and music shows, or even support sports teams. A different option is small business owners volunteering their time to local charities and causes. You'll get to meet a lot of people build goodwill by doing good deeds and increase brand recognition.

For more ideas for community engagement take a look at this list of 10 local marketing hacks.

2. Maximize Your Local Business Listings

Over half of small-scale businesses aren't claiming the benefits of a Google My Business listings, according to a study. They're not benefitting from a powerful locally-focused marketing approach. In your profile, you can add your company's name, contact number, address, including the zip code, directions, operating hours, as well as the URL to your site. Smart small businesses can also include pictures and other content that entice visitors. It's free visibility on the world's top search engine.

It is the first thing to do. create Your Google My Business listing and later, manage it actively. Your business will also be included in Google maps. There are other sites that allow you to be listed online such as Bing Places and yellow page directories. Begin with these top three:

3. Focus on Local SEO

The most technologically advanced local marketing campaigns rely on the internet to draw people to come to your store or your physical place of business. You can also use the web to carry out or online orders. Customers are looking on the internet and mobile devices for products and services within your area. You want them to locate your business easily.

Google My Business is a excellent start, however SEO for local searches (SEO) includes a lot more. SEO for local search includes optimizing your site's pages to be prominently displayed in results from searches. Look for rankings on search engines for a specific keyword or phrase that users search for to find similar businesses to yours. Make sure you have quality content, and you might get hyperlinks and traffic to your site from local newspapers or blogs and even social media platforms such as Twitter.

If you're not sure about how to boost search engine rankings or have the time, consider hiring an expert in local search. The local search industry is considered to be a specialized sector. Therefore, when you interview SEO firms and experts, inquire about their local experience and outcomes for small local businesses.

4. Make Local Business Contacts

Working with businesses from similar but not competitive industries is an excellent local marketing method to increase your network. Get involved with the chamber of commerce, or a local business organization to build contacts and connect with other business owners. Small businesses within your city or town may require your services or products. If, for instance, you are an online design company in your area and you are a web designer, you might find new clients in need of help with their website. Also, if you're launching your own bakery or bakery, there might be local restaurants or cafes looking to carry your delicious desserts.

You can also work together with referrals to gain greater number of customers that you can alone. Maybe you can combine your marketing efforts with smaller local companies on purchases of media ads. You could also organize local events that feature local eateries and bakeries, as well as wineries, where every participant is responsible for promoting the event.

5. Create a Loyalty Program

Customers are happy to feel valued! A loyalty program for customers offers rewards to those who purchase or engage in other activities. A traditional method is to create loyalty cards and give the cards over to the customers. You can then use a unique hole punch to track the amount of money spent. For instance, a customer who buys 10 coffees in your cafe will receive the 11th one for free. Also, anyone who comes to your barbershop a certain amount of times will receive a free haircut. It is also possible to go high-tech and create an app that rewards customers for their loyalty on mobile devices for your store's marketing. Customers can earn rewards for activities via the app.

For more details, read about ways to set up your own rewards programme.

6. Increase Customer Referrals

If you're in need of a boost in the field of word-of-mouth advertising then why not ask your clients to make it happen for you by offering an inspiring referral scheme? It's easy to get started. All you have to do is give an appealing freebie or a special discount to the customer who first signed up and the person you refer. Referral programs can be a highly efficient local marketing method since it is a powerful force multiplier. They can help others.

7. Make Your Staff Your Emissaries

Create your employees as the center in local sales by including them in the referral program. Give a reward to staff members who are not sales for referring new customers.

Engage employees in the development of your marketing strategy for content by creating a funny behind-the-scenes footage of their day at work. You can post it to your company's YouTube channel. You can also embed it into blog articles. Ask employees whether they'd want to be included in TV commercials.

8. Put Marketing Collateral in Public Places

Get people involved in your community by distributing marketing messages to public spaces. This is another way in reaching out to other organizations and businesses in the town or city in which you are operating. Do local eateries, cafes and even supermarkets allow you to place posters or business cards at the entryway or put them to a bulletin board? This is a good idea if your business is complementary to the other businesses. For instance, if, for example, you run an image or graphic design studio, maybe an art gallery in your area or non-profit arts organisation would allow you keep marketing materials in their facility. Be sure to obtain permission.

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9. Engage with Local Audiences on Social Media

Social media marketing is a great option effectively for local visibility of your business If you approach it correctly. It's important to target your local customers. There are many millions of active members, Instagram provides plenty of chances to build brand awareness. Include your location in social media profiles. Be sure to include a tag for your location in your posts to increase engagement by local people. You should be focused on the type of social media that appeals to your targeted viewers. For instance, LinkedIn attracts business users and is a good choice when you sell to other companies. Engaging with influencers for influencer marketing might aid in reaching out to the largest number of social media users as well.

10. Use Targeting Tools for Online Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook offer a myriad of options to connect with local customers. It is possible to use advertising options on social media to boost posts and set conditions to target users within a specific distance. Additionally, you can make use of the Facebook "Create the Location" feature. Click "Check In" when creating your new post, and then enter details including locations. You can also add location stickers on your Instagram stories, and use hashtags for locations in Instagram posts.

Google Ads can also be specifically targeted to your market. Create an Google ads campaign, where ads appears on search engines and on content websites all over the internet. Make use of a targeted local marketing landing page as well as Remarketing to remind customers to visit again.

For more ideas, see this 31 online marketing tips for local companies suggestions.

11. Tell Your Story

Create a story about your company or your own personal story as the founder. Story telling generates interest and makes your name memorable. Your story will help your prospects connect with your company, making the potential buyers more inclined to purchase from your company. A compelling story of the beginning of your business will strengthen the relationship existing customers have with you and makes your customers less inclined to leave you in favor of the brand new chain across the street.

Tell your story through television ads and blogs, online videos or even your About Us page. Another instance is a family-run restaurant in your area could tell the story of their business by using autographed photos to hang in the walls. For founder stories, remember:

  • In the event that you're in the region make sure you emphasize your connection to the neighborhood. Discuss your childhood in the area and what you enjoy most about the region and what the people have to offer to you.
  • Entrepreneurs who are new to an area are able to discuss the reasons they decided to relocate there.

12. Hold an Event

There are at minimum two methods to utilize community events to promote local business. One option is to create the event on your own. You can host a party or launch event for your new product, and invite the local community to check it out. Provide complimentary food, drinks, and entertainment. Another method of local marketing is to collaborate with other businesses to create an event that promotes the entire range of your products or services. For example, local bakeries, restaurants and wineries can organize a community festival to promote regional cuisine and drinks. It's a great way to increase local businesses to be seen.

13.Get Reviews and Testimonials

Local customers are more likely to choose the business they can trust. This you can prove by submitting favorable reviews as well as testimonials. Don't pay for reviewsthis could be a disaster. Be cautious about directly soliciting reviews from your customers. This is not permitted by Yelp as well as other communities. Instead, you could recommend that people generally let others know what they think about your services or products. This will encourage people to leave reviews without asking directly to leave one on a specific website. Make sure you are aware of the rules to ensure you don't cross the line.

Review social media platforms and websites to find out what others have to say about your company. Contact customers who've had a poor customer service experience, and determine the ways to change it to make the right impression. People will notice and appreciate the effort. You could change a negative review into positive one in the event that your customer is aware that you're trying to resolve their issues.

14. Send Out Targeted Email Campaigns

Email could be one of the most simple and most cost-effective local marketing methods. It reminds shoppers who have left to visit your location and also encourages followers of social media to visit your location. 75 percent of marketers discover that personalization targeted enhances the customer's engagement. Therefore, as an element of local advertising strategy ensure that you are creating campaigns that are localized. Start a local list of email addresses by asking every person who visits your shop for their email address and ask permission to send them emails. Instead of a generic email newsletter, offer discounts that are designed to entice people into your store to purchase.

15. Launch a Coupon Campaign

Pick a website like Groupon as well as a regional coupon paper-mailer such as ValPak for local marketing using coupons. Coupons attract a lot of new customers and assist in establishing branding awareness. But be cautious! The people these campaigns draw in may be seeking a bargain, and are unlikely to ever be regulars. Make deals that encourage customers to buy again or bulk purchases when you can.

16. Offer a Free Consultation or Advice

It's a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge in your field, as well as making new customers interested in your services. You may be able to offer no cost advice however they'll probably be back to purchase a product later. A no-cost consultation or offer like on blogs or a YouTube channel will give them a taste of your product or service without cost. If, for instance, you have an accounting firm or a library, you could ask your library in your area if you could organize an unpaid tax workshop.

17. Get in the Newspaper

The best local marketing opportunity is to use the local newspaper. You can certainly buy ads and distribute press announcements to editors. But get more creative. Send an email or call pitch describing your services as an expert source for local journalists to be an expert in the field. For instance, if you run a physical therapy clinic or gym in the area and you are the perfect person to talk to on healthy methods of exercising.

Keep track of the latest trends in your field to be able to present your ideas to the local media. Help them to localize major stories by providing an unbiased local view. For example, the manager or manager of an area garden centre could be a great source for an article about an invasive insect or drought. Make sure you provide your number to reporters as journalists who are on deadline require a quick response within a couple of hours. Sign up to be an information source for journalists via Help a Reporter Out (HARO). Visit the the HARO source to start. You can also try Qwoted an alternative site to put yourself on the list as source.

18. Win Over Local Bloggers and Online Journalists

All communities have local blogs as well as news sites. Contact the writers that write content for these websites. Why? First of all, those articles that they publish about your company will drive visitors to your site or customers to your shop. Local readers will be able to see your company's name mention in articles. Additionally, being mentioned in local newspaper publications as well as blogs will help with the local SEO. Keep in mind that search engines usually look up local blogs and websites. Being featured on local blogs and websites will ensure that your business will be listed in other search results online, with a the appropriate local connection.

19. Get Yourself on Local TV

Local marketing via television appearances might be simpler than you imagine. The trick? Offer expertise. If you own an accounting firm in the local area and you are a local accountant, consider appearing in a news program in which you will explain the most recent adjustments to the code of tax. If you manage the restaurant, ask to showcase a special recipe in a cooking segment for locals. Make the pitch to the local station in order to gain their viewers. Do not make it focus on promoting your company.

It's a fact however that local media could be more responsive to businesses who already promote. Based on your budget for marketing you might want to consider purchasing local airtime or an ad space on the website of the station to be noticed by them. In the end you'll earn advertising from it.

20. Partnership with Another Business

You can try a joint venture, and/or joint marketing arrangement with different companies. Beyond casual recommendations This requires establishing more of a partnership with other local businesses to boost sales. Local farmers and other food producers accomplish this when they join forces to establish the local farmer's market. If you run salons and you want to ask a nail professional use your space to increase the number of clients that both businesses attract. Local healthcare providers such as occupational therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, dietitians and others may be able to work under one roof and provide an increased number of referral opportunities (subject to ethical and professional rules naturally).

Get Started

Local business marketing is an essential part of marketing in general. Don't be afraid and don't get too caught up in the details. It's more beneficial to experiment and test out different local marketing strategies instead of waiting for the perfect method. Go out and get involved.