AirTag tracking alert hits teenager’s phone at Disney World – without locating tracker

AirTag tracking alert hits teenager’s phone at Disney World – without locating tracker

In the course of a day spent exploring in the Magic Kingdom, a Tennessee family received an unexpected notification that an unidentified AirTag was in the vicinity. As they walked to their car Jennifer Gaston's daughter was alerted on her iPhone that said an AirTag was traveling with her.

"It stated that it was first detected with her at 7:09 PM, and we got the notification at about 11:33 PM," Jennifer informs an Tennessee news outlet..

The moment the daughter clicked that notification on her phone, she was shown an image of a map linking all the places that the family has been to in the last four hours.

"I was aware of videos showing people alerting people to them and what they are in essence. So , that's how I was aware of what they were , and I didn't ignore the warning," the daughter said.

Following the notification After receiving the alert, the Gaston family searched through their belongings, but failed to locate the AirTag. As they drove back to their hotel they decided to contact the police regardless.

As per the household members, that it is essential to conduct research to determine the features of these devices. It is essential to set the right settings for your phone to be alerted when a device that is not yours ends being found among your belongings.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office could not find a criminal offense since the family was unable to find the AirTag. However the office did write an incident report on the incident. OSCO believes that because of the sheer number of Apple products in Disney close proximity on the day, the announcement might be "erroneous."

Apple's new update for AirTag tracking alerts

Apple is recently implemented changes to address AirTag stalking issues The new version of the privacy alert that appears when you create the first AirTag. The warning says that the device was designed to monitor your belongings, and not to be used for stalking. The message also states that the AirTag connects directly to an Apple ID and law enforcement may request this information.

Apple also updated its notification system to identify unidentified Find My devices. This is exactly what the Gaston family was sent when they received their "AirTag Found Moving With You" notification. New alerts are also available for Android users that find an unidentified AirTag among them.