Go read this report on why Jony Ive quit Apple

It’s about the Apple Watch, a lot of money, and... some trees

Go read this report on why Jony Ive quit Apple
Apple Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive (L) poses for pictures with CEO Tim Cook during a launch event on September 12, 2018, in Cupertino, California Photo by Noah Berger / AFP via Getty Images

When Apple launched it would launch the Apple Watch in 2014 it was announced on De Anza in Cupertino, just a few miles up the road from the headquarters of the company located on Infinite Loop. It's a sort of reverence for Apple and the location where Steve Jobs debuted both the original Macintosh in 1984, and in 1998, the iMac back in the year 1998. On the thirty-year anniversary of the Macintosh and the very first product that could be game-changing after the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple -as well as Jony Ive, Apple's chief designer and Steve Jobs longtime partner was determined to make sure that they had everything in place.

It's it wasn't the entire event.the stops, and it all turns out. And the dispute over logistics of the event as well as the $25 million cost Ive demanded to complete the event was one of the things that caused Ive quit the company. According to the latest report from The the New York Times and an excerpt from reporter Tripp Mickle's latest novel, After Steve: The Story of How Apple was transformed into a trillion-dollar business and lost its soul. Ive been eager to present the Watch as a fashion device, Mickle writes, and was determined to launch the Watch in a manner that was lavish and glamor to be a perfect match.

Ive had his say however, he was not able to be supported by the new leadership at Apple. It was said to be the start of the end of. Following years of reports suggesting that Ive had a declining involvement within Apple, the CEO finally quit to create his own design company, LoveFrom, in 2019. (For the record, Apple CEO Tim Cook has never denied that Ive been unhappy or discontent and Ive remains in contact alongside Apple by way of LoveFrom.)

This Times article covers a variety of Ive's influence and legacy in Apple including the vibrant iMac that Ive made "joyful" to the relentlessly perfect environment at Apple which Jobs and Ive enjoyed and prospered under. As Apple changed from an essentially flat-hierarchy, product-driven company to the brutally optimized giant that it has become today and in particular when it focused on services more, Ive reportedly saw a company where he was valued less and was able to do less. With his departure, Mickle argues, Apple's products remain "largely as they were when Mr. Ive left."

For Apple's iPhone, iPad and Watch it's certainly true. However, the Mac is a different story. With Ive gone the Apple laptops and desktops are vastly improved due to both the M-series chip in addition to the fact Apple returned right back to PC-based systems. Macs are back with ports! They also have keys that function! More powerful Macs have led to more popular Macs as well. There are reports and rumors that Apple is preparing to launch its next major product: AR glasses. Therefore, the demise of Apple's products might be a bit exaggerated.

The Steve is released on Tuesday, Mickle will be guest in this week's Vergecast. (Send us questions!) The entire book is worth reading, and Ive's story is a perfect illustration of how the company has evolved -- for better or for worseafter the departure of Jobs.