How to Get a Review at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

A lot of small-business owners believe that they are only able to get reviews once the customer has bought the product. But what if you were able to have a review available at other occasions during the purchase process, to improve your chances of getting a fantastic review?

How to Get a Review at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Interview with Shawn Hill of NiceJob Inc.

Shawn states that at any stage of the process "you could get a report. However, it is crucial for your business to understand what you're doing in each step of the sales process, and "cultivate final reviews". This is vital because at any point "word of mouth and reputation can change". It is important to get feedback at each point, particularly if they have never been the client.

Shawn states that it is crucial to be aware of all touchpoints during the customer's journey. Reviews at every stage can "give the prospect or customer their social proof" at every stage, not only following the purchase. He believes that they can be a way to redress any negative feedback or "reset their expectations particularly in the event that they're unrealistic. It is essential that the customer is comfortable with the situation and can raise any concerns."

Shawn says that there should have at minimum 20 positive reviews about your company in order to be an actual competitor in your industry; "at that point, it also gets a customer comfortable to leave the reviews on their own." According Shawn, according to Shawn the company can never be too busy, but ensure that they are posted frequently or at least a handful of times a month.

If you've received bad reviews, potential customers are interested in knowing what your business's reaction will be when incidents occur. Shawn advises you to "respond by apology. Let them know that your business did not meet the standards of their organization and that we will help you do better."