Nintendo Switch Sports Fans Are Accidentally Smashing TVs Again

The wireless Joy-Con controllers come with those wrist straps for a reason

Nintendo Switch Sports Fans Are Accidentally Smashing TVs Again
Image: Nintendo / Kotaku

It's like we're back to the 2000s. Cardigans in cropped sleeves are back, Biden is still in the White House, and Nintendo launched the first Wii Sports sequel with the name of Switch Sports. This nostalgia seems so enticing that the players of Nintendo's bizarre simulation game are throwing their controllers directly into their TVs damaging their screens.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports simulation that packs various mini-games, such as bowling, soccer and volleyball. Some have described it as an impressive returning of the original remote-waggling experience of the company that will most likely cause more harm to friendships after it. Similar to its predecessor the year before, the 2006's Wii Sports, it uses the wireless motion control on the remote to play. This usually means that you have to take a stand and be actively participating. Just like Wii Sports, since the Joy-Con is an wireless controller, people are throwing remotes towards their televisions during during games. The result? A busted display.

A Twitch streamer dubbed "63man" was a sensation during the weekend when the streamer threw his red Joy-Con in front of his screen when he was playing tennis.

It's been done before. Through the past two years on YouTube you could not avoid similar facial-scratching scenarios in which players were seen throw their Wii Remote Controller at their televisions as they played Wii Sports. There are endless videos of people completely ruining their TVs, every time, the sting of regret is felt a bit more. This even occurred in a segment of the Home Shopping Network back in October of 2009, when one person was overboard when promoting the console and game that he completely destroyed on the TV...on the air. It was a great experience.

Nintendo tried to prevent these mishaps yet again by introducing wrist straps that connect to the Joy-Cons. It's similar to what that was the case with Wii Remote Controller. But I'm betting you've never had a chance to see yours since the first time you opened it up 3 years ago. I'm sure I haven't since then, and TVs are being damaged in play and is a problem that could be easily avoided when people just tie TVs to the arms of their children.

Despite the unfortunate events that are bound to happen, Nintendo Switch Sports has seen some successes across the globe. According to the websiteGamesIndustry.Biz, it landed the top spot in the UK chart of boxed games. It's funny that TVs are being smashed in the same way that sales are.

Nintendo was in the news recently when revelations about the shoddy workplace conditions and conditions that workers and experts in repair of the Joy-Con were made public. It's not the time to start throwing these controllers into the air.