Sony’s new QD-OLED and Mini LED TVs are just as expensive as you’d guess

Sony’s new QD-OLED and Mini LED TVs are just as expensive as you’d guess

The news came out today. Sony released the complete prices and information on availability for the 2022 Bravia XR range of TVs. The lineup is led by its flagship 8K Mini LED series which is the first year for Sony to make Mini LED sets as well as 4K Mini LED QD-OLED, and more traditional OLED as well as LCD models.

The size of 8K televisions isn't something that people expect to be sold at a fair price. the Master Series from Sony's Z95K mini LED models cost $6,999.99 on the 75-inch version and just a penny shy of 10,000 for an 85-inch version. It's expected that the Z95K Series is available for purchase this summer. However, among the latest Sony TVs I'm not seeing many buyers weighing these models seriously.

Following are Sony's initial QD-OLED TVs. They use new panels made by Samsung Display. Samsung Electronics also has QD-OLED TVs hitting the market in the present I was amazed by the affordable price. However, their TVs are higher priced than competitors. Sony boasts of its the highest quality image processing and precision however, those advantages aren't cheap on the A95K QD-OLEDs.

You'll need to pay $2,999.99 to get the model with a 55-inch screen, and the 65-inch model costing $3,999.99. This is a pretty exact comparison to Samsung who is selling $2,199.99 for a 55-inch model and $2,999.99 on the 65-inch OLED TV. However, Sony tends to lead in this regard when you're willing spend more for premium quality of picture. Sony states that its QDOLED sets are available for preorder during June, for US customers, and later this month in Canada.

If you're looking for the brightness and superior quality of Mini LEDs Sony's X95K 4K sets will also cause some damage to your pocket. Sony claims that they're XR backlight master drive on these televisions "controls thousands of high-density Mini LEDs in precisely controlled zones to create incredible dynamic range that makes content burst to life with deep blacks, natural colors, and phenomenal brightness." From smaller to the biggest 65-inches X95K is $2,799.99 The 75-inch model is $3,799.99 while the 85-inch model costs $5,499.99. If you have money to spare, the great thing is the X95K is now available for purchase right now..

Sony also has a brand new A90K Master Series specifically designed for gamers. The OLEDs are only available in two sizes, 48 inches ($1,499.99) or 42-inch ($1,399.99) however, even though they don't have QD-OLED displays, they'll provide excellent picture quality and compatibility with HDMI 2.1 game features such as VRR and 120Hz gaming.

Then, you can move into "regular" OLED TVs with the A80K series that starts at $1,999.99 for 55-inch models. They also come with all HDMI 2.1 support, as well as the highest-quality built-in speakers Sony is famous for. All Sony TVs are compatible with Google TV, and after many years of support for Android TV, the system has improved to be very responsive smooth, responsive, and stable position.