Tech Startup CEOs Can Take Companies To Next Levels

You must be self-critical if you want to manage a startup. You should be open to challenging your ideas and yourself.

Tech Startup CEOs Can Take Companies To Next Levels

You must be self-critical if you want to manage a startup. You should be open to challenging your ideas and yourself.

It's almost like playing Super Mario in startup mode when you're a CEO of a tech startup scaling a digital company.

There are many stages in the game. Your goal is to get as many points possible before you move on to the next. There will be many mistakes. This is especially true at the beginning.

You must keep trying until you succeed. You need to be tenacious to succeed. To do this, you have to find the right balance between being tough on your self and pursuing your fundamental ideas.

You must be brutally honest with your self when your loved ones murder you. It's all about leadership.

Even after your startup success, you must resist the temptation to relax and take it all for granted. You have to improve to keep up with your competition. There is always the next level.

Failing fast has become a cliché in the startup world, but it's true. It is important to admit that you are wrong and start again when launching or developing a business.


This self-criticism dynamic takes a lot of mental fortitude.

It can be difficult to accept that your ideas may not be as great as you thought or that something isn't working out as planned.

The fact that tech startup CEOs are increasingly data-driven, and driven by an open culture, makes it even harder. There is no place to hide when the data speak for itself.

They are also displayed on leaderboards and dashboards, so everyone can see them.

The "Startup IQ", an attitude that allows certain individuals to succeed within a company, was previously discussed. Startup IQ is a way to thrive in chaos.

You can also be pushed to the top by your independence and will to finish a task.

This means that Startup IQ can be measured when you don't have a manual or superior telling you what to do.

The Next Thing

Retrospectively, it is clear that we should have included mental courage to take criticism and admit to failing, and then move on. When it comes to pivoting and adjusting your plans, it's more than just about agility and flexibility. To do this, you need courage.

You can make the culture of failure easier and more enjoyable as a founder or leader of a company.

Although the first point may seem trivial to many, scaleups and startups may find it beneficial to set positive goals. This positive psychology concept encourages you pay more attention the things that you should do instead of the things that you should stop doing.

You will become more self-confident and driven if you shift your focus from the mistakes you have made to the positive things you can do. This is a mindset you want to instill in your employees. Instead of telling your employees what's wrong with us, tell them how you think the team (including you) can improve. This is startup wisdom.

Start Settings

Second, remember that just because something has changed it doesn't mean it was always wrong.

A good scaling mantra is that what got us here won’t get us there. We will never be the same success tomorrow as what made us successful today. This perspective is more motivating. Although it has been very successful, it is not enough. We need to improve even further. This includes number crunching.

Third, you need to teach your staff that what you do is difficult. It is possible, but not impossible.

Only 28% of seed companies make it to the A round. A brand new product is what you need to start a business. It is not easy to make the decision to work in a startup. It is about putting yourself out there, and trying the impossible. This is something startups can only do.

Working at a startup or scale up requires a certain level of mental toughness and self-worth. There are ways to motivate yourself beyond praising your accomplishments. This is a good idea for any CEO of a tech startup.